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Ranching Adventure

One of the best ways to explore La Pacifica's extensive ranchlands and forests is on horseback. There are mounts to suit everyone's experience - even if it's your first time in the saddle!

As you ride,all the elements that are La Pacifica come together. It is easy to feel an affinity with the tough "sabanero" who lived and worked in his saddle; to be awed by the richness and diversity of life in the tropical deciduous forest; to understand the conservation efforts of modern day La Pacifica. Easiest of all is to immerse yourself in the infinite beauty of Guanacaste and feel a sense of wonder and adventure that will stay with you, even after you leave ... a very special souvenir of your visit to Costa Rica and Hacienda La Pacifica.


Over the years, La Pacifica has earned a reputation as the place to stay, in Guanacaste, for nature lovers, birders, adventurers ... in fact, anyone wanting to experience the best of Costa Rica's rich natural heritage.

Without ever leaving la Pacifica's extensive grounds, guests have excellent opportunities for viewing birds, monkeys, iguanas and other animals, as they explore the extensive gardens, shady trails along the river, wide open pastures and the tropical dry forest.

For birders, this area is particularly important. In addition to an impressive array of waterbirds in its marshlands and rivers, the tropical deciduous forests of northwestern Costa Rica harbor land bird species that occur no where else in the country.

La Pacifica's central location also makes it the ideal base for exploring further afield. Arenal Volcano, Santa Rosa, Palo Verde National Park and many other natural attractions are all within easy driving distance.



La Pacifica is not just another tourist facility. It is a working ranch with a history and traditions that go back to the last century. Built in the early 1900's, La Casona was the original ranch house, owned by former Costa Rican President Don Bernardo Soto and his wife, Dona Pacifica Fernandez, in whose honor the ranch and our hotel are named. Today, La Casona is a small museum located on the northwest corner of the ranch, accessible by car or horseback.

River Adventure

The deep, rushing waters of the Corobici River provide ideal conditions for a scenic rafting experience. Visitors of all ages are enchanted by the easy float along this forested river. It's a great opportunity to view wildlife from a totally different perspective! Silently, the raft drifts close to roosting boat-billed herons, under howler monkeys lazing in the treetops or passed huge iguanas draped along limbs overhanging the water. Colorful tropical birds fly overhead and their songs add a musical note to the days adventure.


Since 1984, La Pacifica has been a successful model of sustainable development, involving agricultural production that is in harmony with the environment, protects the natural resource and provides social and economic benefits for the region. More than 35% of La Pacifica's 2000 hectares are forested.

La Pacifica Ecological Center is the cornerstone for this new production model. In addition to improved agricultural methods, the center fosters conservation, research and education, which includes nature based tourism.


Guests at La pacifica enjoy the practical comfort of cozy cabins nestled among tropical gardens and evergreen lawns, adjacent to the Corobici River. This oasis of fresh greenery is beautiful all year round, but particularly welcome during Guanacaste's dry season. From December to April, the deciduous trees of the surrounding countryside shed their leaves and the landscape is painted in earth tones that serve to emphasize the verdency of La Pacifica.

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